I began the meditation once again by calling to mind the fact that all living beings have been my kind mother in the past, and that during that time they showed me immense kindness. I called to mind my gratitude to them.

Then I considered that they search desperately all their lives for true happiness, but they cannot find it. Instead they create the causes for future suffering, like a person eating supposedly wholesome food not realising it is laced with poison.

I generated the wish that they could all find permanent happiness. I then decided that I would personally ensure that each and every living being can find peace and happiness.

On the basis of this wish, my accumulated merit and the blessings of the holy beings, I visualised my body and mind transforming into a big clear diamond.  I imagined a light in the centre of the diamond, growing stronger and stronger, lighting up the diamond from within.  The light quickly became very bright, so that the diamond was lost in a mass of brilliant clear light.  The light from my body and mind filled the whole of samsara, and instantly reached every single living being, giving them peace and happiness.  I firmly recognised that this was happening, and that the rays of light were causing them to acheive peace and happiness.

I felt very light, full of clear, powerful pure light.  I felt purity flowing through me and all of samsara into all living beings. I felt a profound joy.

I focused on this feeling for the rest of the meditation.

Something unexpected: As I did so, I recognised that I was connected directly to all living beings.  I felt that the light from my body and mind revealed the connection between us all, and I felt close to and inseparable from all living beings.  I brought this into my recongition.

Even now as I write, I can feel this light, and this connection to all living beings, and the profound joy of them all finding true inner peace.

Meditated as usual on my cushion in the living room, with my little shrine: Statue of Buddha, candle and pinch of rice.  The shrine is put away, but the feeling remains.