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I began the meditation by thinking about what it is that dictates where I will be reborn. It is my karma. What causes my karma? It is my actions. Good virtuous actions result in pleasant positive experiences. Bad negative actions result in unpleasant negative experiences.

This relationship is completely solid and cannot be alterered. As Luna Kadampa commented in one of her recent posts, if you plant a peach stone, you will get a peach tree – not an apple tree or a plum tree, but a peach tree. And there is absolutely nothing that can change that outcome.

I thought that if I only perform positive virtuous actions from now on, it is definitely certain that I will experience positive experiences.  It is certain – guaranteed. I realised that I can be really happy about this. All I have to do to guarantee positive experiences in the future is to perform positive actions now. I stayed with this thought and it filled me with confidence – I am in control of my actions, so I can definitely create a positive world of experience for myself in the future.

I then remembered two more things I have do to – I have to purify the negative karmic imprints on my mind before they get a chance to ripen, and I have to refrain from committing any more negative actions – even the most minor negative actions.

I thought about these things: definite relationship which cannot be altered, creating positive actions, purifying negativity and refraining from negative actions.  I repeated the intention to do these things again and again.  Slowly a feeling arose that I was building a completely solid foundation under my feet, protecting me from lower rebirth. Then this foundation extended outwards so I knew I could walk anywhere and be safe.

It felt like I could go anywhere in the world in complete safety, knowing that nothing can ever harm me again, and I am free from any suffering. I understood the term ‘the state beyond sorrow’ in my heart. I stayed with this feeling, with the recognition that I have to engage in the three activities of creating positive actions, purifying negativity and avoiding negative actions.

I felt like I could engage in vast positive actions which would reach the whole world. It was wonderful.

Working near home today, so able to do the meditation in the morning as usual. This meditation has filled me with energy and optimism. I can’t wait to get out there and create my future!

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