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I began the meditation by remembering that all living beings are suffering relentless turmoil and pain every day. Their lives are full of suffering, both subtle and manifest. No matter how they try to avoid it, they cannot. They cannot protect each other from the suffering either, because they do not understand the causes. All they can do is hold each other and cry tears of sadness. All these living beings have been very kind to me – they have all been my mother in the past and cared for me more than they cared for themselves.

I remembered my wish that they be free from their suffering.

Then I decided that I would personally take action to relieve their suffering. I will not wait for others to help them. I will do it – now.

I imagined all their sufferings, pain and frustration rising out of their bodies in the form of black smoke. This cloying smoke was their suffering. As it left them, the living beings experienced a lifting of a great and vast burden. They could ‘breathe’ – they can ‘stretch up’ without obstruction. As if they have been kept in a tiny dark suffocating box, to be released into a beautiful landscape of fields and sky.

This mass of black smoke came across, consolidating and concentrating, towards me, and gathered in my heart. I felt all the pain and suffering of all living beings. Then this smoke dissolved into my self-cherishing mind, and together, they melted away. I felt a great relief as my self-cherishing was destroyed. I felt like I was free of a massive load – only when it was gone did I understand how big it had been.

I felt light, open, expansive, peaceful, tranquil and content. I looked at all the living beings and they felt the same.It was blissful.

It felt like 95% of my experience had disappeared – I was shocked at how much of my life is dominated by self-cherishing. Dropping that mind left the 5% of purity to fill the gap with peace and joy. How wonderful!

It’s probably more like 99.9999999 recurring % at least.

My practice today – to mentally take on the sufferings of the people I see and meet. As I breathe in, I will take their sufferings and destroy my self-cherishing mind. I will imagine that they are free from their sufferings and experience bliss.

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