I began the meditation by thinking about my own children. What do I want most for them. What does any parent want for their children? I want them to find happiness. I let this idea take form in my mind, and felt it in my heart.

I thought then about what all living beings want – they want to be happy. But they do not know how to attain true lasting happiness. Whatever happiness they find is false happiness, fleeting and unsatisfying. They seemed to be like people wandering in the dark, stumbling across experiences, both good and bad. If only they could find the true happiness they want in their hearts.

I went over these thoughts again and again, and I realised that if they were to find true happiness then that would mean that they become Buddhas. Immediately I visualised all living beings as white Buddhas, floating in a clear blue sky. I felt their happiness and contentment. They had stopped rushing about looking for happiness, and were still, calm and blissful. I was filled with their bliss – not just the bliss of one Buddha, but the bliss of all Buddhas. It was pure. With one part of my mind I generated the wish that all living beings could achieve perfect inner peace and happiness, and combined it with this feeling of bliss.

I remained on this feeling for the rest of the meditation.

I was out and about today, so no opportunity to do my meditation early in the morning like I normally do. I had to wait till a quiet time at night. So it’s off to bed for me now, and when I wake up, I’ll be meditating on making this wish a reality. Can’t wait! Love V x