I began the meditation by thinking about my previous meditation, and revisiting my fear of being reborn in the lower realms. I remembered the feeling of fear, and I let it sit in my mind for a while, feeling fear.

Than I turned my mind to the protection available. The only protection from this fear is my practice of Dharma. The Dharma Jewel is the actual protection from rebirth in the lower realms, so I go for refuge to Dharma. How come Dharma is in this world for me to follow? Because of the great kindness of Buddha. How can I make swift progress in my Dharma practice? By receiving the blessings of Buddha, so I go for refuge to Buddha.  I cannot see Buddha directly now, so who can I turn to right now? Who believes what I believe? Whose example can I follow, and who can inspire me and help me right now? My Sangha friends – supreme friends. I go for refuge to Sangha.

I repeated these contemplations over and over again, with the underlying thought of my sliding down a horrible slide to the lower realms. As my refuge became stronger, I felt myself lifting off the slide and being protected from the fear and sensation of falling. I thought about my refuge in Dharma, and recognised that it is not some abstract thing – Dharma.

Dharma is Lamrim! I saw all of the Lamrim and recognised it as being my refuge. I practice my refuge every day by doing my Lamrim practice. I felt great joy knowing that my wish to go for refuge to Dharma is being implemented, formally every day.

I felt calm, peaceful, protected, and secure. It felt virtuous and full of purpose. It was wonderful. I stayed with this feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings go for refuge to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and in so doing attain freedom from lower rebirth, and ultimately attain for state of enlightenment.

Practice in the meditation break

In the meditation break I will be trying to be mindful of my refuge in the three Jewels, and keeping that feeling of protection.