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I began the meditation by considering that when Buddha looked, he could not see any living being which had not been the mother of all the rest.

I thought about this and brought it into my life right now.

Who was the nun who told me about the statue of Buddha yesterday in the Temple? That was my mother.

Who was the lady who operated the till when I bought the Heruka Sadhana? That was my mother

Who was the woman who gave me a cafetiere of coffee yesterday? That was my mother.

Who is the man can I hear talking as they walk past the window of my cottage as I meditate? It is my mother.

Who is asleep upstairs? It is my mothers.

I kept on going until it felt like my mother was everywhere.

Then I thought about what that would feel like. When I see my mother, her face lights up with delight. She holds out her arms to me and hugs me tight. She holds my hand. It feels like she holds me in her heart more dearly than any jewel. (I am crying now).

I tried to bring this feeling across so that it was the same for everyone I meet. I felt this feeling of being held in loving care by all living beings. I felt as if I was held in a vast mind of loving kindness. I remained in this wonderful feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings gain the realisation that all living beings are their mothers, and realise their own minds for the sake of all living beings.

Practice in the meditation break

I will strive to recognise all the people I meet today as being my mother: feel like they are my mother, and relate to them with wisdom and compassion.

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