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The purpose of this meditation is to put our wish for others to be happy into practice.

I began the meditation by calling to mind the conclusion of the previous meditation: that all living beings search for and cannot find true everlasting happiness. Instead they are restlessly moving from one object to another, trying to find satisfaction. I recalled my deep wish that they find true happiness.

I recalled my visualisation of a man walking on stepping stones, finding that each one slowly sinks under his weight, forcing him to keep moving to the next one, and the next. I visualised many, many people all doing the same thing, searching for something tangible and dependable. I watched them restlessly moving for a short time.

Then I made a firm determination: ‘I will give them the true, everlasting happiness they seek’. I caused my body to become the nature of a wish-fulfilling jewel, with a soft white light at the centre. I caused the light to grow stronger and brighter, until it filled my body and rays stretched out to the people walking on the stepping stones. As the light touched them, they became Buddhas. The lifted off the stones and hung in mid air in the meditation posture. They experienced pure inner peace and satisfaction. My light continued to touch all other living beings in the Universe, causing them to become Buddhas too.

Through my contact with them I experienced each of their joys and happiness. All their complete happiness joined together in my mind. The Universe was filled with pure white light, and joy. It was magnificent. I felt pure joy and contentment filling the whole of my mind and the whole Universe.

I remained on that beautiful feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May I and all living beings perfect the path of Giving, and become a Buddha for the benefit of all.

Practice in the meditation break

I will mount my practice of taking and giving upon my breath today. Whenever I meet living beings I will breathe in their dark smoke of suffering, and leave them free from suffering, and destroy my self-cherishing. Whenever I breathe out I will imagine light rays emanating from my heart, touching them and giving them pure happiness and satisfaction.

My other conclusion from this meditation is that I need to put all my effort into my spiritual development and the development of my local Centre, and the development of Kadam Dharma in general.

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