The purpose of this meditation is to encourage ourself to practice Dharma, because if we do not encourage ourself, no one else will.

I began the meditation by considering how fortunate I am to have been born human, with all the circumstances I need to practice Dharma. Normally in the West we fail to notice these things. We do not even consider that there were alternatives to how we would be reborn – we simply take our human life as a fundamental setting for our experience. But there are alternatives, none of which are as conducive to Dharma practice as a human life.

Within this life, I have come into contact with a Spiritual Guide, and I have access to his teachings. In the past I would have been lucky even to hear his name, or even the word ‘Buddhism’.  To hear his teachings I would have to have abandoned my friends and family, and gone on a long journey to try to find my Spiritual Guide, and stay physically with him in order to hear his words.

I considered these points and came to the conclusion that despite superficial difficulties, my present life does not have any obstructions which prevent my study and practice of Dharma. Therefore my human life is extremely precious, and if I use it to attain spiritual goals, it is potentially very meaningful. Given all this, I came to the conclusion that I will use my precious human life to study and practice Dharma above all other considerations.

I felt like the normal trivialities of my life (which normally seem so important) were fading away into insignificance, and I was clear to focus on Dharma. I felt like I was rising above clouds of obstructions to occupy the  sky above which is clear and unobstructed. It felt clear and spacious – clean and unobstructed. I stayed with this feeling and its meaning for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings realise the value of their precious human life, and use it wisely to attain enlightenment for the sake of all living beings.

Practice in the meditation break

I will concentrate on not becoming embroiled in the trivialities of daily life. I will try not to develop delusions based on transient and unimportant things. I will try to remember Dharma wisdom at all times, and never forget my wish to keep a clear and unobstructed mind.