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The purpose of this meditation is to encourage us to find protection from lower rebirth.

I began by thinking about how my mind will move on to another body once this life comes to an end. The form of the new body will be dictated by the nature of the karma that ripens at my time of death. Negative actions are the cause of lower rebirth. I know I have committed far more negative actions than positive ones, so it is almost certain that I will take rebirth in the lower realms.

Once this happens, I will have lost my opportunity to attain enlightenment for many aeons.

I focused on this loss of opportunity, and settled on it as the object of my meditation. I felt very sad that my opportunity had slipped through my fingers, and fearful of the suffering that will have to be experienced. My mind felt still and peaceful, like an autumn day, when everything is still, and the colours indicate that the season of growth and health is over, and ahead lies cold and decay. It felt peaceful, but deeply sad and fearful.


May all living beings recognise the prospect of rebirth in the lower realms, and develop fear, and thereby turn to the Three Jewels for refuge. May they attain enlightenment.

Practice in the meditation break

Given the precious human life I have, and the inevitability of death, I will bear in mind the value of my opportunity, and how, once it is gone, my opportunity will be over.

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