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The purpose of this meditation is to develop a very stable level of concentration, with the intention to perfect this concentration to the level of tranquil abiding.

I began by re-establishing the mind of Bodhichitta from yesterday using the same line of thought.

I then asked Geshe-la to show me what it meant to be a Buddha. Immediately the thought came to my mind that to be a Buddha means to purify our mind of delusions and distractions, and attain perfect virtuous concentration. The attainment of tranquil abiding is fundamental to this achievement.

I decided to imagine I already have this level of concentration. Immediately I had a very open, clear and concentrated feeling, focused on the wish to become enlightened for the benefit of all.

I felt very clean and serene, and I stayed with this feeling for a while.

I then decided to see that this meant in the context of my precious human life. I found that this possibility to attain tranquil abiding (and then to enter the mahayana paths) depends completely on my precious human life. My human life is precious, rare and meaningful, and therefore so it this potential to attain tranquil abiding. I strengthened my wish to become a Buddha with the wish to attain tranquil abiding, and make my human life meaningful. I stayed with this feeling of determination for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings gain the union of special insight and quiescence, and thereby become Buddhas for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep a pure intention all day, and constantly question whether my thoughts and actions are leading me towards that goal.

Meditation 1/19

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