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The purpose of this meditation is to remember the kindness of all living beings, and then consider what this means in the context of death and impermanence.

I began the meditation by thinking about how kind my mother has been to me. She gave up her job when she was pregnant with me – a job she loved. She stayed home when her friends went out enjoying themselves. She cared for me all day and all night. She took on my welfare and happiness as her personal responsibility. All the opportunities I now have are directly linked to her kindness. I felt a very deep sense of appreciation and gratitude towards my mother.

I then remembered my previous meditation where I proved that all living beings have also been my mother, and treated me in the same way. I also remembered that even today, all living beings are helping me in my quest to become enlightened. They are giving me help, advice, friendship and encouragement. Others are giving me equally precious gifts, such as the opportunity to practice patience, equanimity, love and compassion. Whoever I look at, they are being kind to me.

I thought about all this kindness from each and every living being, and I felt a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation in my heart, which I stayed with for a while.

I then asked myself what this means in the context of death and impermanence. It seemed to me that death masks the relationship I have with all living beings, but with Dharma wisdom I can see through this mask to the truth. Changing appearances cannot fool me – all living beings are my kind mothers!

This reinforced my feeling of gratitude and appreciation, and I remained on this thought for the rest of my meditation.


May all living beings see clearly the kindness of all living beings, and thereby become Buddhas for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to see all living beings as my kind mother today, and with equanimity see all their actions as kind.

Meditation 2/9

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