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The purpose of this meditation is to develop a wish to cherish others just as much as we cherish ourselves, and then to contemplate this wish in the light of death and impermanence.

I began the meditation by thinking again of the kindness of all my mothers, and how each living being has been my kind mother in the past. I regained some of my feeling of affectionate love from my previous meditations. I then thought about how there is still an great imbalance between how I care for myself and others. I believe that my happiness and freedom are much more important than that of others, despite my warm feelings towards them. This will have to change.

I thought about how we are all in the same position. We are all suffering in samsara, looking for a way out. There is no difference between myself and others in this respect. And also there are so many other living beings. All of them are suffering. I should use my time to free them as I myself wish to be free.

I thought about these points, and I felt a sense of equality in my mind; a sense that everyone as equal worth, and that just as I care for myself as if I were the most precious thing, so I should also care for others in just the same way. I tried to cultivate this feeling for a while.

I then asked what this means in the context of death and impermanence. I thought about how impermanent the appearance of others is to my mind. Some people seem to be in great need, whereas others seem to have it all. But these appearances are deceptive and in a short time these people can exchange places. Who should I care for more? I felt the answer – I shall cherish all living beings equally because they are all equal in their imprisonment in samsara. I felt like there was no separation between myself and others, like we were all one entity. I remained with that feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings come to cherish others as they do themselves, and become Buddhas for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remain mindful of cherishing others as I do myself, and make a mental note of when I am cherishing others, and when I am not!

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