The purpose of this meditation is to develop the intention to purify negativities, accumulate virtues and receive blessings by contemplating the truth of actions and their effects, and then to think about this in the light of equanimity – the wish to develop a warm and friendly feeling towards all other living beings.

I began by relaxing my body in four parts – head and shoulders, arms, trunk and legs. I went through the parts, visualising them and relaxing them in turn until my whole body was very settled and stable. I then thought about my breath, and focused on increasingly subtle signs of my breathing until I became absorbed in a very clear and lucid experience.

I stayed in this experience for a while before beginning my formal Lamrim meditation.

I started by thinking about how all my experiences are directly caused by my actions. My positive actions create positive experiences in the future while negative actions create negative experiences. I remembered my meditation from some time ago where I imagined a karmic reservoir in the form of a blender.

I imagined my karmic reservoir becoming increasingly pure by only performing positive actions and shunning negative actions. I thought about everything becoming purer, and started to develop a strong feeling of wanting to attain a pure world, completely free of all suffering.

I stayed with this feeling for a while before moving on to think about what it means in the light of equanimity.

I thought about how I begin to purify my karmic reservoir. It seemed to me equanimity will lead me to the actions towards others which in turn will lead to me the happiness I seek. I thought about how when my actions are driven by equanimity I will act positively and avoid negativity. My attention settled on this thought, and I let it mix with my mind for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings attain complete enlightenment through the understanding of the truth of actions and their effects.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep my awareness of actions and their effects throughout today, and act in positive ways which will purify my karmic reservoir.