Daily Lamrim is my log of notes made following my daily Kadam Lamrim meditation sessions.

I would love it if you wanted to contribute to the blog with your own thoughts and insights!

I am very happy to receive contributions from readers which will help develop the blog and provide different perspectives.

The blog has some fairly specific aims, and as such, I thought it would be helpful to make it clear what kind of contributions I am looking for and what ground rules will apply:

  1. Records of meditations similar to the ones I write. Any contributions in this category should be faithful records of actual Kadam Lamrim meditations, rather than ‘writings’ about Lamrim topics (which would fit into the other categories…),or,
  2. Articles about how a particular Kadam Lamrim meditation has had a profound effect on your life or experience, for example having an encounter or life experience which you were able to cope with as a direct result of your Kadam Lamrim meditation(s),
  3. Insights or perspectives on Kadam Lamrim in general or particular Kadam Lamrim meditations,
  4. For the committed amongst you, you might even consider recording a complete Kadam Lamrim cycle – it honestly isn’t as difficult as you might think,
  5. This blog is inspired by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, and is intended to help deepen my own and others experience of his presentation of Kadam Lamrim. Therefore any posts appearing on this blog should focus on Geshe-la’s presentation of Kadam Lamrim. I hope it is obvious that I am not saying anything negative about any other tradition or faith. The point is that this blog has a clear theme which I wish to maintain, and
  6. Contributors can refer to other teachers and traditions, but should refrain from any negative views or statements towards them.

These guidelines may well be tweaked as time goes by.

I look forward to your contributions 🙂

Much love

Vide x