Hello there!

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who visits this blog, and especially to the more-that-150 of you who subscribe to this blog and receive a post from me every day! I don’t know how you manage to keep up!

I really hope that you enjoy reading my entries and that you can pick out some things that you find useful.

I really REALLY appreciate your support and encouragement, and it means alot to me to have you with me on my journey.

Please do keep the comments coming, and if you have any questions or points to raise, please feel free to write a comment.

Finally, if you think you would like to contribute to Daily Lamrim, either with a recollection of a particularly strong meditation, how Lamrim has affected your life or with some other Lamrim related article, please let me know. I will put some guidance in the ‘special posts’ section if you are interested in becoming a contributor! The more the merrier!

Lots of love and sincere thanks,

Vide Kadampa x