The purpose of this meditation is to generate the strong wish to cherish others by contemplating the advantages of so doing, and then to consider this wish in light of the fact that all living beings are our mother.

I began with some breathing meditation before moving on to the main topic today.

I started by thinking about how all the happiness I can experience comes from the mind of cherishing others. By keeping a mind that cherishing others, positive karma will constantly ripen in my mind. I will please others and maintain good, close relationships with them. I will not be able to become angry or irritated by them because I will not be able to develop the delusion of anger. My world will become a warm, gentle place full of love. I will be able to keep a true perspective on my life and my experiences.

With all these advantages in mind, I thought about starting with my family. My eldest boy needs to be treated as a young man now that he is 13. I decided to keep treating him with respect, as an equal ( but also to give him a kiss and a hug when he needs it). My younger son needs more loving and still enjoys a long cuddle. I will keep an openly loving manner towards him. I thought of my little girl, who is growing fast. She likes to keep busy, and loves making things in the kitchen with me. I will keep showing her how to be smart and logical, and make things with her. My wife – how wonderful she is. She took a little part of me and made three incredible people, all by herself. I will keep telling her how much I love her, and how important she is to me.

I thought about all these ways of cherishing my family, and it felt good. I then thought about extending this feeling towards all other living beings. Although I don’t know them as well, I can still cherish them. I felt the feeling of cherishing extend to all living beings, so that the universe was filled with my cherishing love.

I kept this feeling of love for a while before moving on to the next stage.

After a while I thought about what this means in light of the fact that all living beings are my mother. Immediately I saw that by cherishing others I was really returning the cherishing that all living beings had given to me over many lifetimes when they have been my mother. Cherishing them seemed the most natural thing in the world – very beautiful and pure. With this added dimension, I returned my thoughts to the wish to cherish all living mother beings. It was a very beautiful meditation.


May all living beings contemplate the advantages of cherishing others purely, and through this practice quickly attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will cherish my family and others while remembering the advantages of this beautiful practice.