The purpose of this meditation is to generate Bodhichitta – the spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings, and then to meditate on this wish in light of the fact that all living beings are our mother.

I began by doing some breathing meditation, and quickly settled into a smooth and blissful state. From there I began the main meditation by reviewing the whole Lamrim up to this point.

I now have a precious human life which will come to an end soon. My future happiness depends on my actions right now, so I need to always think and act in virtuous ways. Although I can improve my samsaric experience to a certain extent, it will always be pervaded by suffering, so I need to escape samsara altogether. I can do this by training my mind. But once I am free, what of others?

My perceptions of others is deceptive and although they seem very varied, they are in fact all my kind mothers from this and previous lives. As they are my kind mother, I naturally love them. And understanding that true happiness comes from loving others and abandoning self-cherishing, I determined to cherish them totally. They experience suffering, and I imagined taking away their suffering. They lack true happiness and I imagine giving them happiness.

This taking and giving produces good results but I want to be able to do this in reality – I want to have the actual power to take and give. The only way I can do this is to perfect my mind and become a Buddha.

I focused on this wish to become a Buddha for the sake of all my mothers.

I thought about my mother of his life. She loves me so much – she would do anything for me if she could. If she knew how to free me from my suffering she would do everything she could to free me. But now the opportunity is mine. It is my responsibility to free her from her prison. Her and every one of my other kind mothers, who would free me in a heartbeat if they could.

I generated a very strong feeling of love and obligation towards my mothers, and a strong determination to attain complete perfection of mind so I can free them. I will set them free! I focused on this wish for a while.

I then thought about what this means in light of the fact that all living beings are my mother. I have already incorporated this notion into my meditation so I kept this recognition especially strong as I returned to my main object – the wish to become enlightened for the benefit of all.


May the virtues I have generated in this meditation be the cause of enlightenment for all living beings, and may then experience the bliss of enlightenment quickly.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will keep the mind of enlightenment throughout the day, and the rest of my life.