The purpose of this meditation is to encourage ourselves to practice Dharma, and then to meditate on this while remembering the kindness of our mothers.

I began with breathing meditation, and although my mind was jumpy today, I persevered until it was calm enough to proceed to the main object of meditation.

I began by remembering a point Geshe Kelsang Gyatso makes in his book Meaningful to Behold. He says that our lives are like a nuggets of gold and unless we recognise and understand their value we are in danger of squandering them. We need to constantly remind ourselves of the precious opportunity that our human lives offer us so that we use them to their greatest advantage.

I thought about how precious and special our human lives are, and what an astonishing opportunity they offer. I got the image of my face breaking the surface of water and being able to breath for the first time. The air entering my lungs was crystal clear and penetrating in its purity. I felt like I could see enlightenment above me like a glowing ball of light, and I knew that I had broken through a barrier. I was aware of many more living beings beneath the surface of the water, unaware of the air they could breathe or the goal they could achieve.

I felt very fortunate and humble. I determined to use this precious opportunity to attain enlightenment. I focused on this wish and my precious opportunity for the rest of the meditation.

I then thought about what this means in terms of the kindness of all mother living beings.

All living beings have been so kind to me in the past when they were my actual mother, and they continue to be extremely kind to me every day. Now my wisdom eyes have been opened by my accumulated positive actions from the past, and I have attained a precious human life, I have the opportunity to repay their kindness. I have the opportunity to free myself from the prison of samsara and gain the ability to help them do the same. How wonderful! I must practice Dharma now and attain enlightenment so I can repay their kindness!

I meditated on this wish to repay the kindness of my mothers by practising Dharma sincerely for the rest of my session.


May all living beings see the preciousness of their human life, and seize the opportunity to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember the preciousness of my human life, and use it to practice Dharma sincerely for the benefit of all.

Meditation 9/1