The purpose of this meditation is to generate the strong feeling of equalising my love for myself with my love for all living beings, and then to meditate on this feeling in light of their kindness.

I began with breathing meditation and when my mind had calmed down I started the meditation proper.

I thought about how all living beings are just the same as myself, trapped in the prison of samsara, suffering endless problems. We all long to be free. In this sense, we are all the same.

Since they have been so kind to me, I should repay their kindness and try to relieve their suffering just as I try to relieve my own. In this sense, I can easily cherish others in just the same manner as I cherish myself. I focused on this feeling of equalising self and others for the rest of the meditation.

I then wondered what this means in light of the kindness of all living beings. I came to the conclusion that this feeling arises from the consideration of the kindness of others, and so I returned to keeping my mind on this blissful feeling of equalising self and all living beings.


May all living beings experience the happy feeling of equalising self and others, and quickly become enlightened for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try my best to consider others and alleviate their suffering as much as I do my own.


Meditation 9/10