The purpose of this meditation is to generate the pure wish to cherish only other living beings and abandon self-cherishing completely, and then to meditate on this wish in light of the kindness of other living beings.

I began with some breathing meditation, watching my breathing until my mind was calm and lucid.

I then began the meditation by thinking about how my normal view is one of self-cherishing. I normally wish for myself to have the best of everything, and others are second on my list. In fact, that is not correct. I am first, second and third, with others coming some way further down the list than fourth.

This attitude has deceived me for countless lives. It has only caused me problems and heartache. It has not delivered the lasting happiness it promised me.

I have all this energy to cherish, but my ‘self’ has stood in the way of this cherishing reaching others.

I felt like I had an infinitely bright light inside my body, but is was shining only on the inside of my skin. It could not get out and shine on others. I imagined my skin unzipping and opening, letting the bright light out to cherish all other living beings. The light reached out to all other living beings and bathed them in my cherishing love. My old barrier of my ‘self’ lay on the ground behind me like a crumpled and empty suit of skin.

I realised that we all have the immense capacity to cherish all other living beings, but it is being blocked by our ‘self’ getting in the way.

I focused on this feeling of cherishing others without the barrier of self preventing it reaching all living beings.

After a while I decided to see what this means in light of the kindness of other living beings. All other living beings have been so kind to me in the past, cherishing me as if I were a most precious jewel. This is my opportunity to repay their kindness. I can cherish them all in the same way they have cherished me. Once again I felt my ‘self’ slough off, and my pure cherishing love shine out to all other living beings. It was a lovely feeling, and I stayed with it until my time was up.


May all living beings realise their capacity to cherish everyone, and through this practice quickly become enlightened for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to forget my ‘self’ and focus on cherishing only others.


Meditation 9/13