The purpose of this meditation is to develop the overwhelming wish for others to find true happiness, and then to meditate on this wish in light of the kindness of others.

I began by thinking about how all living beings are in search of happiness. Everything they do is in pursuit of happiness. I was driving on the motorway today thinking about all the other drivers on the road. The one and only reason they are on this road is because they think that one way or another, driving at this moment in time will lead to their happiness. I thought about how they all want happiness, and I began to wish that they could find it. How wonderful it would be if they could find what they have searched for since time without beginning: to finally find happiness!

I focused on this wish for a while.

I then thought about what this means in light of the kindness of others. They have been so kind to me in the past, trying to make me happy. How wonderful it would be for them to experience what they have wished for me so many times in the past! I returned to thinking about wishing all living beings to be happy, and stayed with it for the rest of the meditation.


May everyone be happy, and may everyone never be separated from their happiness.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to focus on the happiness of others, and where I can help, I will try to make them happier.