The purpose of this meditation is to generate the overriding wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings, and then to meditate on this wish in light of the kindness of others.

I began with some breathing meditation, calming my mind and dissolving my body into emptiness.

I then started thinking about he main object of meditation – Bodhichitta. In The New Meditation Handbook (see the left-hand sidebar), Geshe Kelsang says that we need to remember our cherishing love and also our intentions while taking and giving. He says that cherishing love is like a field, compassion is like seeds sewn in the field, and taking and giving are like the perfect growing conditions. Bodhichitta is the harvest.

I thought about how I cherish all living beings, and then I thought about how I take their suffering upon myself and give them pure happiness. All these points merged together to produce a very strong feeling of loving and helping others.

I stayed with that for a while, and then thought about how I want to be able to do this for real, not just in my imagination. The only way I can really do this is by becoming an enlightened being – by purifying my mind so that all my obstructions and limitations disappear.

I thought about this wish and felt it fill my mind. I was filled with a desire to follow the path and become a Buddha for the benefit of all. I let it sink into my mind, and stayed with it for a long while.

I then thought about what this means in terms of the kindness of all living beings.

In the past living beings have helped me, and they continue to do so. By becoming a Buddha I will be able to repay their kindness finally and completely. How wonderful! With this in mind I focused back on my wish to become a Buddha, and stayed with it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings develop the supreme wish to become enlightened beings, and quickly follow the path to its end.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my wish to attain enlightenment throughout the day.