The purpose of this meditation is to develop the fear of rebirth in the lower realms, and then to meditate on this fear in light of equalising self and others.

I began the meditation by doing breathing meditation and when my mind was stable, I moved on to the main topic.

I thought about how I have dreams when I go to sleep. I pass from my waking world to my dream world very easily. When I am in my dream world, I have forgotten all about my waking world, and my dream world seems absolutely real.

I thought about how both of these apparently real worlds are simply appearances arising from my karma, and that when my life is over, I will experience other worlds which arise from my karma. In these worlds I may experience awful conditions. I imagined being dressed in rags, trapped and abused by horrible men. Unable to escape – not understanding that escape was even possible – just completely trapped in a cess pit of pain and humiliation.

I stayed with this image for a while and I developed the sincere dread of this happening. But it could happen easily, the moment I die.

I stayed with this feeling of dread and the knowledge that it could start today for the rest of the meditation.

I then thought about equalising self and others, which is the practice of equalising my love of myself for my love of others. In the lower realms I won’t even hear the word ‘Dharma’ let alone understand how to practice equalising self and others. Everything will be gone – my path – everything.

I returned to the feeling of dread for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings develop a fear of the lower realms, and keep in theirs hearts as the motivation to enter, progress along and complete the spiritual path for the sake of all living beings.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep this dread in mind throughout the day, and ensure I do not commit negative actions.