This is the final post in the series about remembering Dharma Lists. Links to the others can be found on this page.

We have looked at how to memorise lists, and you now know that there is a little up front effort required. But hopefully you can see the many benefits of putting in this effort.

On a practical note, I would suggest that you make a written list of the images you have devised to remember your lists. It’s good to refer back to your own original list. Also, try to make your images vivid, using all your senses. You may have noticed that in my images I have used ‘shiny’ black shoes, ‘delicious smelling’ buns, and soil smells as well as sounds (such as the monk mumbling the Pratimoksha Vows). The more vivid the images you use, the more easily they will embed themselves in our memory.

In order to keep these lists fresh in your memory for the rest of your life, you will need to review these lists from time to time.

Lets say you learn a list on day one. You should review it on day 2 – by review I mean you should try to recall the list mentally and then check against your written list, just to make sure you are getting it absolutely right, and you’re not forgetting anything. Following this, you should review it on day 4. Then on day 7. Then on day 14. Then on day 30. After that, you should aim to review the list on a monthly basis. Making appointments in a diary is a good way to keep track of your Dharma List reviews.

Geshe Kelsang gives guidance in Joyful Path of Good Fortune when he is talking about the fault of being like a leaky pot. He says:

There are two methods we can use to improve our ability to remember Dharma. The first is to make an effort to recall what we have heard or read soon after a discourse has finished or after we have finished reading a chapter of a Dharma book. We can do this several times at intervals…  The second method is to discuss Dharma with our Dharma friends, asking them questions and explaining what we have understood. This is an excellent way to increase our understanding, remove doubts, and place Dharma firmly within our minds.

With this advice in our hearts, we should strive to use this memory technique to remember Dharma Lists and keep them firmly within our minds.

Thanks for reading these posts, and good luck memorising Dharma Lists!

Love Vide x