The purpose of this meditation is to generate a lovely strong feeling of warmth and affection for all living beings, and then to meditate on this feeling in the light of equalising self and others.

I began with focusing my mind of the feeling of being mixed with my Guru, letting his stability and tranquillity spread through my mind and body for a while.

I then thought about what it means to feel warmth and affection for others. People who have started out being my friends in the past have become my enemies, and my enemies have become my friends. How should I relate them? Should I relate to them as they appear to me now? Or should I forget the friendliness they show me now and just hang onto the harm they have done?

The best way to think about this is to relate to the kindness of others rather than their harm. When others are or were kind to me, they acted out of love, free from delusion. I will relate to them when they were in their non-deluded state, rather than to them when they were under the control of anger, jealously or attachment.

I focused on trying to feel a warm and friendly feeling towards all others, and it arose quite naturally. It felt good. I also realised that I am in control of my feeling good. If I rely on others to make me feel good – like when they act in kind ways to me, then I am a hostage to others. But if I simply relate to people with warmth and friendliness I can be happy all the time, because I am in control of this feeling. I felt liberated and in control. It was wonderful and I focused on this feeling of joy for the rest of the meditation.

I then thought about what this means in light of equalising self and others. It is clear to me that the first step of equalising my love for others with my love for myself is to free myself of biased attitudes to others. Equanimity is the first step towards being able to love others, and I saw it in this context. With this in mind I returned to my feeling of warmth and friendliness, and also be being in control of my feelings.


May all living beings feel warmth and friendliness towards others, and quickly progress along the path to full enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

Keep warm and friendly!