Well who would have thought!

My little blog is one year old today!  Inspired by Kadampa Life, the gentle Buddhist blog written by Luna Kadampa, I established Daily Lamrim and began posting on the 23rd May 2011.

Not only have I posted about my daily meditations every single day for a year (which I understand is known as a 365 project – who knew?!), I have also presented a number of special posts. These have covered topics such as The Benefits of a Daily Lamrim Practice, Advice for those thinking about starting a Daily Lamrim Practice, How to Practice Sadhanas and most recently, Remembering Dharma Lists. Also, last December we had the Daily Lamrim Meditation Challenge which many of you took part in. In addition to these posts, I wrote several entries about miscellaneous topics. One of the most popular of these has been ‘Why the New Kadampa Tradition is Like a Restaurant, and Should You Eat There?‘ (and the one that got the most comments too!)

For the record, there have been 431 posts in that time, with 25 categories and 469 tags. There have been 781 comments. The blog has had 42,140 views, with 110 views today. The busiest day was on April 14th 2012 with 324 views (which could have had something to do with the smouldering picture of Marlon Brando I used – phew)! The person who has left the most comments is Luna Kadampa, closely followed by Maria Tonella. I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Luna, Maria and every single other person who has taken the time to comment on the blog. Your support has been wonderful. And I would like to also say a huge thank you to everyone who has ‘liked’ one of the posts, left a comment, subscribed or visited the blog. x

Modest though the numbers are compared with other more mainstream blogs, I am still very pleased with how popular Daily Lamrim is, given the rather narrow niche it is aimed at. But of course, I didn’t start this blog for the numbers. When I started, I was genuinely surprised when I noticed that anyone at all had visited! But even if no-one ever visited the blog, I would have still done it.

Daily Lamrim is first and foremost a spiritual endeavour. It has performed the functions I set out about a year ago, which are here:

  1. So I have a record of how my meditations are going
  2. So I have a driver to do one a day
  3. So I can compare old meditations
  4. So there is a place on the internet about actual meditations, rather than just talking about it
  5. So my children can see what their Dad thought was important
  6. So the people in the NKT can be seen as being ‘normal’ and ‘virtuous’
  7. So the NKT can increase its ‘space’ on the internet
  8. So that people can see that the NKT is not defined solely by the Dorje Shugden ‘Controversy’
  9. To show a good example to people who are trying to establish a daily meditation practice
  10. To provide a resource for other Kadampas who are looking for inspiration in their meditations
  11. To start a discussion about what it means to meditate, and how to do it

And most importantly I have learnt a great deal from my daily meditations. I have gained some pretty profound insights, and there are some meditations I can remember right now – they are still that vivid. On a practical note, I feel like I am really getting ‘under the skin’ the the Lamrim, and I find myself starting to behave in ways that accord with the meditations.

Most of all, I feel like I am making progress. I feel like I am doing something meaningful every single day. You could too.

The blog will stay live until this current round of looking at one Lamrim meditation object in the light of another is concluded – some time early next year. After that I’m not sure which direction the blog will take.

Until then, I think we all need to listen to the advice of Shantideva:

We need to put Buddha’s teachings, the Dharma, into practice
Because nothing can be accomplished just by reading words.
A sick man will never be cured of his illness
Through merely reading medical instructions!

So get meditating!

And finally, I pay homage to my kind root Guru, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, through whose kindness and immense effort I have had the opportunity to meet the Dharma, study it and try to understand it.

I pray that everyone who reads Daily Lamrim develops the wish to meditate on the Kadam Lamrim, experience deep inner peace and accomplish the real meaning of human life.

With love,

Vide x