The purpose of this meditation is to increase our capacity to meditate deeply on lamrim topics, and then to contemplate what this means in light of the disadvantages of self cherishing.

I began with some breathing meditation, and then moved on to focus on my mind itself, trying to keep everything very still and very stable. I imagined my root guru’s mind, and how completely stable and concentrated it is. I imagined it had the quality of an immovable mountain, completely stable and controlled.

I imagined my mind mixing with his mind, and I felt a complete solidity and stability fill my mind. Following this, I sort of passed through to the other side, and experienced a very light and empty feeling which was, again, stable and solid, but also space-like and endless. I focused on this for a while before moving on.

I then thought about what this means in the light of the disadvantages of self cherishing. The mind of self-cherishing can be overcome by meditation on Lamrim, but only if our experience of Lamrim is profound. To achieve this we need to perfect our concentration, and apply this to Lamrim. With the wish to overcome my own self-cherishing, I returned to my concentration on my mind, and remained on this for the rest of my time.


May all living beings gain control over their minds, and through this control, attain the enlightened state of a Buddha.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep a focused mind, never far away from the Lamrim minds.