The purpose of this meditation is to meditate on the preciousness of our human life, and then to meditate on this in light of the advantages of cherishing others.

I began with breathing meditation and it was one of those times when I settled immediately into a very nice, deep and stable concentration on space-like emptiness. I was lovely and I wanted to stay there for the whole session, but I had to move on after a while.

I then thought about how precious my human life is. I have all the conditions I need to learn and practise Dharma, and access to pure teachers who can guide me along the path. I see and talk to so many clever and talented people, but very few of them understand how to be happy in their lives. Only Dharma identifies our problems as coming from our delusions, and only Dharma provides the methods for overcoming our delusions.

I felt that my life was really like the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’. I also remembered the analogy of the blind turtle surfacing with its head passing into a golden yoke floating on the ocean’s surface. 

I felt like I had risen from dark depths, and my face had broken the surface of the water – I could see the bright blue sky and water droplets were sparkling in the sunlight as I took in lungfuls of fresh clean air. I felt like I could breathe for the first time in years and years. I felt like I had a fantastic opportunity to  use my life. I am alive!

I focused on this feeling for a while.

I then thought about what this means in light of the advantages of cherishing others. It is said that all the happiness in the world comes from wishing others to be happy.

It was immediately clear to me that my precious human life is what gives me the opportunity to cherish others. I imagined my whole life being used to cherish others. It felt like light rays were streaming out of my body towards all other living beings, filling the whole of the universe with cherishing light. It was wonderful, and I remained in that feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings recognise the value of their precious human life, and use this opportunity to cherish others and become enlightened beings for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to always bear in mind that I have a precious human life with all the attributes necessary to learn, contemplate and meditate on Dharma. How lucky are we that understand this!