The purpose of this meditation is to generate a sincere dread of samsaric rebirth, and then to meditate on this dread in light of the advantages of cherishing others.

I began with breathing meditation, and then, when my mind was calm and peaceful, I moved on to the main meditation topic.

I began by remembering my meditation from yesterday and the feeling of walking towards death. I imagined that I had not attained enlightenment by the time of my death, and wondered what would happen once I had died. I looked beyond death and I saw a darkness – a spiritual darkness. I felt genuine fear because I recognised that I may lose my spiritual path in my next life. I have so much negative karma that it may be hundreds of lifetimes before I even see an image of Buddha again. I focused on this fear of losing my path after death and I realised that my main problem is not this life, but what will happen in all my future lives.

I focused on this fear and felt a wish to ask for help or more time – but at the time of my death, there will be no point in appealing to the lord of death for these things. I need to make sure I attain enlightenment in this life, as soon as possible.

With this in mind, I focused on the fear of samsaric rebirth for a long while.

After that, I decided to investigate what this means in light of the advantages of cherishing others. I began by considering that all the happiness in the world comes from cherishing others. Bodhichitta comes from cherishing others, and we need Bodhichitta to enter the Mahayana path and become a Buddha ourselves. Samsaric rebirth without the path of virtue will mean that I will forget about the advantages of cherishing others, and forget about my quest for enlightenment. It seemed that the stakes were even higher now than before.

With this thought, I returned to my dreadful fear of samsaric rebirth, and focused on it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings find the opportunity to practice virtue and make their lives meaningful.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remain mindful of the dangers of lower rebirth, and use the fear as my motivation to cherish others.

Quiet Room Update

I have now found the person responsible for the Quiet Room. They looked confused what I asked them about the room. It is supposed to have a low table in it and a couple of chairs. She seemed to think that the principle attribute it should have would be enough room on the floor for Muslims to prostrate. Well, the room certainly manages to maximise that aspect, considering that it is completely empty at the moment! She thought that the room was well used and that there were several people who used it regularly. I think I will try to find them, and see what they think should be in there. The irony of this quiet room is that it is right next to the Gym, where music blasts out high volume and can clearly be heard in the room! I don’t mind noises like this when I am meditating, but I can imagine it wouldn’t make the room very appealing to others…