The purpose of this meditation is to generate the very strong wish for all living beings to find their way to true happiness, and then to meditate on this in light of the practice of exchanging self with others.

I began with breathing meditation, and then moved on to the main meditation when my thoughts had become quiet.

I started by remembering my affectionate and cherishing love for all living beings. Then I thought about how they work so hard to be happy, only to find that they cannot achieve the lasting happiness they seek. I thought about how they were in spiritual darkness, not knowing which way to turn.

Then another image came to me – an image of seeds buried below ground level. They were in darkness, but bright nourishing sunlight was very close to them. I wished that they could sprout and grow up to the surface. I imagined the moment when they found the surface and broke through into the light. From there, the sunlight nourished them into beautiful flowers. I saw the seeds as all living beings, trapped in darkness. Their sprouting was a combination of their karma and my strong wish, and their breaking through the surface was them finding Dharma, which nourished them to enlightenment.

I focused back down on this wish that all living beings could find the light of Dharma – the light of true happiness, and stayed with it for a time.

After this, I investigated what this means in light of the practice of exchanging self with others. Wishing everyone to be happy, without a thought for myself is the essence of exchanging self with others. All the happiness in the world comes from wishing others to be happy. With that in mind, I returned to the wish for all living beings to find true, lasting happiness. It was a lovely, expanding, blissful feeling and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.


May all living beings find the true lasting happiness of Dharma, and may their seed-like Buddha nature quickly blossom into the beautiful everlasting flowers of enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to wish happiness upon all living beings throughout the day.