The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong appreciation for our human life, and then to meditate on this in light of great compassion.

I began with breathing meditation and when my mind was suitably calm, moved on to the main meditation.

I thought about how my life is so perfectly suited to Dharma practice. I have a family who give me the constant opportunity to love and cherish others. I have a reasonably stable job at the moment which allows me to maintain my practice (and this blog). I have a Dharma centre nearby and many spiritual friends. I have found a precious Dharma to learn and live by.

I thought about all these things and I felt a great welling of appreciation and happiness from within me, and I focused on it.

After a while I wondered what this meant in light of the mind of great compassion – a thought that finds the suffering of others to be hard to bear, and wishes them to be free from their suffering.

I thought about this, and it seemed to me that I am able to practice compassion because I have a precious human life. Before I found Dharma, I was not really sure what compassion was, and I certainly did not know how to express it. My precious human life has enabled me to understand and express compassion sincerely, and will give me the opportunity to generate great compassion in the future if I continue on the spiritual path. With this in mind, I returned to the feeling of happiness and appreciation for my precious human life.


May all living beings have the opportunity to experience a precious human life, and use it to its full potential to become enlightened beings.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to bear in mind how lucky I am to have a precious human life, and try to practice Dharma purely throughout the day.