The purpose of this meditation is to realise that all living beings are our mother, and then to meditate on this understanding in light of great compassion.

Beginning with breathing meditation, I calmed my mind until it was still enough to contemplate the reasons why all living beings are our mother.

I began by thinking about dreams. When I fall asleep my mind dissolves and I experience dreams which seem real. When I die, the same process will occur. My mind will perceive my next life and I will have another mother. Since I have had countless past lives, I have had countless mothers – these are the living beings around me today.

I also realised that they have been my father, my brother, my sister, my aunt and my uncle, and every other relation. It seemed to me that living beings were not only my mother, but an entire family tree in one person. I focused on this and felt a real affection for them due to our relationship – I realised that I even had a faint smile. It was lovely and I stayed with the understanding for a while…

I then wondered what this meant in light of great compassion.

It was immediately clear to me that the understanding that all living beings are our mothers, and the affectionate love that I felt were essential to the development of great compassion. Great compassion was like a breathtaking lotus, and affectionate love was like a petal. The flower is incomplete without all its petals, and cannot perform its function. Therefore, I focused on remembering that all living beings were my mother with the recognition of the importance of so doing.


May all living beings see the true relationship they have with others, and through this attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will look at others and remember that they are not only my mother, but every other relation I could possibly imagine – in each and every person.