The purpose of this meditation is to generate the sincere wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings, and then to reflect on this wish in light of great compassion.

I began by dissolving my Guru into my heart and feeling his peace and tranquillity mix completely with my body and mind. Afte a while of really enjoying this beautiful feeling, I moved on to the main meditation.

Bodhichitta – the wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings – is the culmination of this part of the Great Scope meditations (No 7 onwards). I reminded myself of my journey through the meditations and how I have trained to see the importance of others and become familiar with the idea of giving them happiness and taking away their suffering.

I thought about how, to become a Buddha, I must already have attained liberation from samsara. Therefore I will experience no suffering. Although this is a wonderful achievement, it is also extremely limited. I thought about my meditation of equalising self and others, and remembered how all living beings are the same as me in that they all want freedom from suffering and they all want to experience everlasting pure happiness. My attainment of liberation cannot give them freedom or happiness.

I realised that to attain enlightenment, our motivation can only be the benefit of others. There is absolutely no benefit for ourselves by wishing to become a Buddha. It is a purely altruistic mind.

I focused on this point for a while, and then developed the deep wish to transform myself into a Buddha through the path of Tantra, and then lead all living beings to that same state. I imagined that Bodhichitta opened a gate onto the garden of Tantra, and walking through the garden to the other side I saw clear light of bliss. I imagined walking into this clear light and then turning and guiding all other living beings through the garden of Tantra and into the same blissful state. I focused on this image and the feeling of all living beings attaining pure, everlasting happiness for a while…

After this, I decided to see what this means in light of great compassion.

It was clear to me that once I have attained complete personal freedom from samsara, the motivation towards others must be compassion. Compassion is what drives us to wish others complete freedom and to work for that goal. With Dharma wisdom, compassion transforms into Bodhichitta. With this recognition, I focused on my wish to become a Buddha for the sole benefit of others, and remained there for the rest of the meditation session. It was wonderful!


May all living beings develop true compassion in their hearts, and pass through the gate of Bodhichitta into the garden of Tantra, and complete their path to Buddhahood for the sole benefit of others.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember by Bodhichitta, and let all my experiences inform and strengthen this wish, so that it becomes my main and pervasive thought and attitude.