The purpose of this meditation is to equalise our motivations for ourselves with our motivations for others. We then consider what this means in terms of taking the sufferings of others.

I began by meditating on my breath and mixing my mind with my Guru’s mind, before moving on to the main meditation.

I refreshed my memory of the warmth and friendliness I need to generate towards others, and then I thought of the fact that all others are really my mother – my kind mother of past lives. With this feeling of warmth and appreciation, I thought about how much I owe them. How much in their debt I am.

As I rolled this thought around in my mind, I felt a growing wish to repay their kindness, and a realisation that when I perform any action, it should be with the motivation to benefit others just as much as I wish to benefit myself. I thought of this like being 360 degree work, where the actions I perform are not just for my benefit (in one direction) but for the benefit of all (360 degrees). I latched on to this idea and let it fill my attention, and I focused on it for a while…

I then moved on to bring in the frame of taking – what does this 360 work mean in terms of the practice of taking?

It seemed to me that if I can embed the idea of working for the benefit of all living beings in everything I do, it will lay perfect foundations for the practice of taking on the sufferings of all living beings. With this in mind, I returned to the idea of 360 degree work for the benefit of myself and others.


May all living beings practice equalising self and others, and through their endeavours for the benefit of all living beings, may they attain the exalted state of enlightenment.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep this idea of 360 degree work throughout the day, and recognise that all my actions should be for the benefit of all living beings as well as to my own benefit.