The purpose of this meditation is to generate the feeling that our Spiritual Guide will always be with us, and then to think about what this means in light of the practice of taking.

I began with some breathing meditation, focusing my attention on the breath, and mixing my mind with the sublime mind of my Guru.

After this, I asked myself who is helping me most on my spiritual path? Who is the one giving me constant inspiration and encouragement? Who is speaking to me daily through his books and through the Sangha? Who is telling me the truth about my life, my mind and my future?

It is my Spiritual Guide. No one else is doing these things in my life – it is only my Spiritual Guide who is holding  up a lamp in the darkness of my ignorance, illuminating the correct path to follow.

I focused on this feeling of being with my Spiritual Guide, and him holding a lamp for my path. I felt fo happy and safe. I felt like he will always ne with me, throughout my life, no matter what I go through. Even in my death, I can see that long after the appearances of this world have faded, he will be with me, showing me the path to follow. With this feeling of purpose and protection, I rested my mind on the feeling of being with my Spiritual Guide.

I then thought about what this means in light of the practice of taking.

It seemed to me that the practice of taking is only possible through the power and inspiration of my Spiritual Guide. Ordinarily I would run a mile from the idea of taking on the sufferings of others – I have enough of my own, thanks! But my Spiritual Guide shows me that the practice is essential for the destruction of my self-cherishing. Knowing his wisdom will guide me in the darkness of my ignorance, I returned to hte feeling of relying upon my Spiritual Guide for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings find perfect Spiritual Guides, and by building a relationship with them, follow the path to enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to always feel my Spiritual Guide at my side, helping me by showing me the path to enlightenment in my life.