The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong wish to abandon distractions and focus on my spiritual life, and then to consider what this means in light of wishing love.

I began with breathing meditation, and dissolving my mind and my Guru’s mind into my heart. After a short while I moved on to the main meditation.

I began by recognising that everyone around me will die. Although they seem young and full of life, they are not much different from walking skeletons. Although I treat them as permanent phenomena, they will soon pass away forever. Likewise my possessions. They will fade, crumble and rot away quite quickly. I obsess about people and things, but they are transitory and impermanent. I imagined everyone and everything fading away – what am I left with? I am left with my mind and death. These are the two things that I definitely have. I felt like all my distractions caused by people and things were disappearing, and I was on a path to death. As I walked on the path, I focused on purifying my mind. I thought ‘I abandon the eight worldly concerns – all that matters is my practice of training and purifying the mind before I die’. I felt the words of praise and blame I hear blow away in the wind. All my wealth and possessions crumbled away. My reputation became as transparent as a figment of my imagination. I felt mixed with the idea of training and purifying my mind, and abandoning worldly distractions, and I stayed with it for a while…

I then wondered about what this means in light of wishing love. It seemed to me that wishing love is impossible if I am distracted by selfish thoughts of wealth, reputation and other worldly concerns. I must abandon them to attain the realisation of wishing love. With this thought, I went back to walking on the path to death, training and purifying my mind as I went.


May we all realise the impermanence of our self and other phenomena, and abandon the eight worldly concerns so that we may quickly become enlightened beings, for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember that I am walking on the path to death, and do what comes naturally.