The purpose of this meditation is to generate an all-encompassing feeling of going for refuge to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and then to consider what this means in light of wishing love.

I began by doing breathing meditation, focusing on relaxing tension in each part of my body one at a time. Once my body was relaxed I brought my attention to my heart where my Guru was waiting for me. I mixed my mind with his stability and stillness and enjoyed the feeling of peace for a while…

I then moved on to the main meditation. I thought about what it means to go for refuge to the Three Jewels. They represent protection from suffering by presenting the method to attain liberation. Buddha is the chef who tells us the perfect recipe. Dharma is the ingredients we need, and Sangha are our teachers and fellow cooks. I made the determination that I want to make the recipe – I will gather the ingredients into my mind and remove everything that should not be there. By this method I will make the perfect recipe and delight the Buddhas.

I focused on the idea of relying on Buddha, Dharma and Sangha to make perfection in my mind, and rested my attention on this thought. It felt like I was coming closer and closer to actually completing the task by relying sincerely and following the recipe exactly. I felt beautifully light and happy, and I stayed with this feeling for a while…

I then considered what this means in light of wishing love.

It seemed to me that going for refuge with the motivation of Bodhichitta actually is wishing love. Wishing love is the wish to give true happiness to all living beings. By going for refuge sincerely with the wish to become a Buddha for the benefit of all, it seemed to me that these two minds were almost identical. I re-established my feeling of perfect refuge and rested my mind there for the remainder of the meditation.


May all living beings seek perfect refuge in the Three Jewels, and become enlightened beings themselves for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

With the constant wish to go for Refuge, I will try to redouble my efforts to learn pure Dharma and remove non-virtuous thoughts from my mind, so that I can mix my mind perfectly with my Guru’s mind.