The purpose of this meditation is to consider the meaning of wishing love in the context of Lamrim.

I began with breathing meditation, settling my mind on more and more subtle aspects of my breath, until my attention was balanced and focused. While there, I tried to feel the stability and stillness of my Guru’s mind, and mix my mind with his mind. I stayed in that feeling for a while.

I then moved on to think about wishing love and Lamrim in general. Wishing love is the wish for all living beings to experience pure, everlasting, uncontaminated happiness. The Lamrim is a presentation of all Buddha’s teachings, showing how we can progress along the spiritual path to enlightenment. It seemed to me that wishing love was a stage where we see the fruits of the hard work we have done earlier in the Lamrim path. Earlier we have contemplated death and the sufferings of the lower realms, we have considered ways of freeing ourselves from suffering and we have considered our relationship to others. Each of these stages springs naturally from the previous stages.

It struck me that wishing love is completely made up of a collection of previous thoughts and attitudes, which, when gathered together, form a suitable collection to be called ‘wishing love’.

With this notion that wishing love springs naturally from the previous Lamrim minds, I focused on the feeling of wishing all living beings to be happy, and thought of my wish becoming stronger in my heart – a longing for all living beings to be happy. The feeling was lovely and I tried to keep it sharp in my attention for the rest of the meditation.


Through the virtues I have collected her, may all living beings experience pure, permanent, uncontaminated happiness.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep this feeling of wishing others to be happy