The purpose of this meditation is to develop the strong wish to attain tranquil abiding, and then to see that this means in light of wishing love.

I began with dissolving my Guru into my heart, and then letting his stillness and stability slowly fill my body and mind. After enjoying this beautiful feeling for a while, I moved on…

I began my thinking about tranquil abiding. What is tranquil abiding? It is a concentration which effortlessly remains focused on its object. Tranquil abiding is a prerequisite for all the other spiritual attainments. Before I can develop spontaneous Bodhichitta and enter the five Mahayana Paths, I must attain tranquil abiding.

I imagined a massive mountain which I was climbing. Like in a dream, I could not really see the mountain, but I knew it. There was a path up the mountain. Higher up, this path became the first Mahayana Path, the Path of Accumulation. Higher still the path turned into the other Mahayana Paths – the Paths of Preparation, Seeing, Meditation, and finally, at the summit, it turned into the Path of No More Learning – the state of unsurpassed, perfect and complete enlightenment.

I was well below the Path of Accumulation, climbing steadily, until I reached a small plateau, and there in front of me was myself, sitting in meditation, facing out towards me. My other self had attained tranquil abiding, and was sitting in perfect meditative equipoise, waiting for me. I knew I had to attain tranquil abiding if I wanted to climb any higher, so I sat down in front of my other self, and focused on the wish to attain tranquil abiding. I realised there was a pool of water between us, and I imagined my thought of wishing to attain tranquil abiding entering the pool and dissolving into the water, so that it became completely mixed. At that point, it felt like I was completely and totally the wish to attain tranquil abiding. It was all-encompassing and nothing else appeared to my mind except that thought. Kept my mind in that state for as long as I could, and when my attention began to move away, I reminded myself that I need to become the ‘me’ with tranquil abiding if I want to climb higher – I then dissolved my mind into the pool again, re-established the feeling of the wish to attain tranquil abiding, and repeated this for the rest of the meditation…

After a while, I thought about what this means in terms of wishing love.

If I want to fulfil my wishing love, I need to climb the mountain and follow the five Mahayana Paths, and to do that, I need tranquil abiding. It is essential. With this in mind, I once again re-established the scene on the mountainside, with myself and my double sitting together, preparing for the climb, and I settled into that blissful mind for the rest of my time.


Through the virtues I have accumulated by generating the wish to attain tranquil abiding, may all living beings find the opportunity to practice in the same way, and quickly attain the Path of No More Learning for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

During the meditation, it seemed to me that tranquil abiding would seem very easy once it had been attained. It would feel like I would be able to know, all the time, what my mind was focused on, and I would be deciding how long I would focus on it, and what I would focus on next. I would be ‘in the moment’ at all times, always aware and present. I would be able to firmly face and avert any delusions which developed in my mind, and direct my mind towards virtue. I would be in complete control.

I will try to keep this understanding in my mind today, and keep my natural enthusiasm to attain this mind, because it sounds so good.