The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong feeling of reliance upon my Spiritual Guide, and then to think about what this means in light of wishing love.

I began by dissolving my Guru into my heart and letting his stillness and stability fill my body and mind. As the feeling grew, I moved on to the main meditation where I focused on the benefits of reliance upon the Spiritual Guide.

He will lead me to enlightenment as I delight all the Buddhas. I will be able to purify negative karma and accumulate vast amounts of positive karma. I will be held back from lower rebirth and always meet my Spiritual Guide in future lives, and all my wishes will be fulfilled.

I thought about these benefits while trying to mix my mind constantly with his wisdom, compassion and purpose. I rested my mind on this feeling of being with him and riding the wave of his spiritual power, which will carry me to enlightenment.

After a while I thought about what this means in light of wishing love. In my reliance upon him, I felt his wishing love for me and all living beings. It is through the power of his wishing love that I have access to Dharma Books, Dharma Centres, Dharma Teachers and Dharma friends. These are the manifestations of his wishing love. With this in mind, I returned to my wish to rely upon my Spiritual Guide to help me achieve my full potential, for the benefit of all.


Through the virtues I have accumulated here, may I quickly and firmly transform my mind into the perfect mind of a Buddha, for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my wish to rely upon my Spiritual Guide by thinking of him being with me at all times in my heart.