The purpose of this meditation is to generate joy and a sense of deep appreciation for the opportunity our precious human life affords us, and then to consider what this opportunity means in light of the practice of giving.

I began by dissolving my Guru into my heart and relaxing both my body and mind by focusing on his meditative equipoise, his stillness and his stability. I imagined these qualities filling my own mind, and experienced something of what it might feel like. It was wonderfully tranquil, and I remained there for a while.

I then moved on to consider my precious human life. I considered the different realms of samsara, and the conditions of the beings that inhabit those realms. The gods are so separate from suffering that they feel no need to escape from samsara. The demigods are so consumed with jealously that they cannot think of anything else but the acquisition of more resources and possessions. Most humans are distracted by worldly activities. Animals are burdened with great confusion and lack of control over their lives. Hungry ghosts and hell beings are so tortured with constant suffering that they cannot think of anything except their own plight.

As I toured the six realms, I grew to appreciate my own circumstances. I have no major external circumstances which separate me from Dharma. I have no internal obstacles which prevent me from developing faith in Dharma. I have experienced enough contact with Dharma to believe that no matter what happens in the future, I will not lose this faith. I thought about these circumstances and I developed a deep sense of joy that I have somehow managed to find such a fortunate and meaningful life, with such potential. I focused on this feeling of joy, and let it fill me. It was wonderful and inspiring.

After a while, I wondered what this meant in light of giving.

My human life is the platform for my practice of giving. My human life is the platform for all my activities, Dharma and non-Dharma alike. But with wisdom, I can transform all my activities into Dharma activities by mixing them with the six perfections, including giving. Giving love, fearlessness, material help and Dharma are only possible through the vehicle of my human life.

I thought about these points and developed a sort of ‘double joy’ – firstly that I have a human life with its freedoms and endowments, and secondly that I can use it to give so much benefit to others. I focused on this enhanced sense of joy, and stayed within it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings trapped in the prison of samsara quickly attain a precious human life, and through this engage in Dharma practice to quickly attain enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remain mindful of my precious human life and practice giving both mentally and physically where appropriate.