The purpose of this meditation is to generate the strong wish to free ourselves from the suffering of samsara, and then to see what this means in light of giving.

I began by doing breathing meditation, relaxing my body. I then focused my attention at my heart and relaxed any tension there. Once I felt completely empty of tension, I mixed my mind with my Guru’s mind at my heart, and then floated in his blissful stability and stillness for a while. The perfect preparation for meditation!

I then thought about the sufferings of this life. Through my practice of virtue, I may be able to maintain fortunate rebirths in future lives, but these rebirths will still have much suffering. I will have to undergo the sufferings of birth, sickness, ageing and death. I will have to experience unpleasant circumstances and I will have to endure being separated from that I like. I will also have to suffer the frustration of not being able to fulfil my wishes. I thought about these sufferings in detail, and slowly developed the wish to be free of these sufferings too.

I made a firm determination to take the medicine of Dharma. I imagined taking a 5ml spoonful of light, and swallowing it, and it slowly spreading throughout my body and mind. I felt my samsara melting away almost immediately, and being replaced by a blissful experience. I understood that nirvana is not in some location far away. It is here, now – just obscured by my samsara. I focused on the idea of Dharma being the medicine that will cure my samsara, and daking it and letting it fill my body, mind and actions. I kept my attention there as closely as I could, and when my attention wandered, I brought it back to the feeling of samsara disappearing, and being free from suffering.

After a while I thought about what this means in terms of the practice of giving.

It seemed to me that if I can attain liberation from samsara, I will have no self-cherishing, and I will be able to give anything without even a moment’s hesitation. I imagined the feeling of being free to give anything – how light, how graceful – how wonderful! With that in mind, I returned to my object of wishing to take the medicine of Dharma, and to cure my mind of its samsara.


May all living beings take the medicine of Dharma, and may their suffering cease.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my medicine of Dharma, and let its effects spread throughout my body, speech and mind.