The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong feeling of equanimity towards all living beings, and then to think about what this means in light of giving.

I began by doing breathing meditation and mixing my mind with my Spiritual Guide’s mind, trying to emulate his stability and stillness, until it seemed like they were my own. After a while I moved on to the main meditation.

I began by thinking about how my friends sometimes become my enemies, and how my enemies sometimes become my friends. The people I know change places from time to time, and also people who I consider strangers can suddenly become significant. There is no certainty, and no permanence. Given this is the case, does it make sense to dislike people, if they are to become my friends? Does it make sense to cling to a friend as a permanent object when they could change into a mara?

No – it is most beneficial for myself and others if I maintain a warm and friendly attitude to all living beings. This attitude will will my life with peace – it is the foundation of peace. I will remain peaceful; my friends will experience peace; my enemies will become my friends; strangers will become my friends. I focused on this benefit of equanimity, and felt a deep sense of warmth and friendliness fill my mind. I stayed with this lovely peaceful feeling for a while.

I then thought about giving. If I intend to be able to give love, Dharma, material assistance and fearlessness to all living beings, then surely the foundation of this practice is equanimity. Once again, I saw that equanimity is the foundation of peace, and I brought my mind back to it.


May all living beings build the foundation of peace in their minds, and quickly become Buddhas for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to maintain this peaceful feeling of equanimity throughout the day.