The purpose of this meditation is to strengthen our belief that all living beings are our mother, and then to think about what this means in terms of the practice of giving.

I began with breathing meditation, relaxing my body and then my mind, and mixing my mind with my Spiritual Guide’s mind at my heart.

After a while I moved on to think about the main topic. I thought about the nature of the mind and how it does not cease when our body ceases. I thought about how our mind is eternal, and experiences life after life, over and over again. In each of these lives I have had a mother. All these mothers are the living beings I see around me now. Buddha said that there was not one single living being that had not been the mother of all the rest.

I thought about these points deeply, and I realised that in all my lives, the body that I had was not really mine – it was that of my mother’s. The body that I used for everything is actually part of her body, rather than anything that I have created myself. I am literally part of her. I then extended this notion to all living beings – in all my lives, my body has been part of others’ bodies. I am literally connected to all living beings in a very bodily way.

I let this idea settle in my mind and felt a deep connection with all living beings. When the feeling faded, I went back to contemplating my thought process, and when the feeling arose, I just focused on it. I did this for a while…

After that I thought about what this means in terms of the practice of giving.

If I give to others, I am giving to my mother. This is very virtuous. The ability to give depends entirely on my having a body, which is really part of my mother. So both in terms of my ability to give and to whom I give, my mother is fundamentally involved – she is everywhere and everything. How all encompassing! With this in mind, I refocused on the notion of my connection with all living beings who are really my mother.


May all living beings see their connection with all others, and through this realisation, quickly become liberated and enlightened, for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will look on all others as my mother, give to them as if I were honouring my mother, and remember that my ability to practice the six perfections is completely dependent on my mother.