The purpose of this meditation is to generate sincere compassion for all living beings, and then to think about what this means in light of the practice of compassion.

I began by engaging in breathing meditation. I let my attention focus on the in-breath and the out-breath, concentrating on the space between thoughts until my mind was still and stable. After a while of enjoying this feeling, I moved on to the main meditation.

I started by thinking about other people, and their lives. Everyone I know has problems. They have so many sufferings, even when they pretend otherwise. Everyone is the same – suffering their whole lives in one way or another, and then finally dying, filled with regrets. I let my attention focus on this suffering, and the fact that it is everyone who is affected. I remembered my cherishing love for these people and developed the wish for them to be freed from their predicament. I really want all living beings to be free from their suffering. I focused on this feeling for a while.

After this, I thought about what this means in terms of giving. It seemed to me that these are aspects of the same continuum. First we wish others to be free from their suffering and then we give them pure happiness. Our compassion extends through this whole process. With this in mind, I returned to my wish for others to be free from suffering.


May all living beings be free from their suffering.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to see the sufferings of others clearly, and develop compassion for them throughout the day.