The purpose of this meditation is to generate the blissful feeling of having taken away all the sufferings of all living beings, and then to consider what this means in terms of the practice of giving.

I began with breathing meditation, and settled my mind before beginning the main meditation.

I started with remembering my compassionate wish from yesterday. I remembered how all living beings experience constant suffering and frustration of their wishes. I brought back the pain they feel, and immediately wished for this pain to cease.

I imagined all living beings around me, with my parents in front of me, my family around them, and everyone else close by. I imagined their sufferings became like black smoke, and rose out of their bodies and gathered towards me, towards my heart. I breathed in the smoke – breathed it into my heart, where it became more and more concentrated. Finally, it became a single point, and it purified and destroyed my self-cherishing mind. At that moment, it vanished, along with my self-cherishing. When I looked, I saw all living beings had been completely freed from their sufferings. It was like they were clear – clear of their delusions and suffering. It was like they could see and breathe for the first time. I was also clear. I was free from my deluded self-cherishing, and therefore free from all my other delusions. I focused on the feeling of being clear of suffering, and also of others being clear of suffering, and rested my mind in this really joyful feeling for a while.

I then moved on to think about the practice of giving. Giving is the practice of giving others pure happiness. Geshe Chekhawa gives the practice of mounting taking and giving on the breath. I did this. I imagined the black smoke of suffering being drawn into my body on the in-breath, and them pure clear happiness being expelled on the out-breath. Quickly, all the suffering in the world was purified through the filter of my heart, and the world was filled with clear happiness. As this happened, my self-cherishing was destroyed completely and I was almost lost in a feeling of clear peace and joyful happiness. I stayed in this for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings mount taking and giving upon the breath, and quickly purify the cause of their own and others suffering, for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will mount taking and giving on the breath today, and try to become very familiar with the practice.