The purpose of this meditation is to generate thestrong wish to give pure happiness to others, and then to contemplate what this means in light of the practice of giving.

I began with breathing meditation, letting my mind slowly settle to a state where my thoughts had stopped arising and I could enjoy  a feeling of stillness and tranquillity, imagining my mind mixing with my Guru’s mind.

After a while I moved on to the main meditation and started by thinking about how even when living beings get what they want, it still does not satisfy their desires. I thought of people I know who move house regularly. They go through lots of expense and inconvenience to move house, and yet in a few years time they are looking to move once more. The happiness and contentment they thought they would find is clearly not there. I thought of people who get their dream job, dream car, or whatever. How long does their happiness last? These things do not (and cannot) provide the lasting contentment that we seek.

I thought of how people are looking in the wrong place, opening the wrong doors looking for happiness. It seemed like they were surrounded by doors with flashing lights saying ‘happiness here’, whereas the real cause of happiness, the door to a calm, peaceful mind, was ignored.

I briefly thought of how kind these people have all been to me, and how I cherish them, and how I wish they could be happy. This formed into a feeling of wishing them to open the right door – to go through the door to inner peace, rather than the doors to frustration and discontent. I settled on this wish, this need, for them to find happiness. I let my mind settle on this feeling for a while…

After this, I thought about what this means in light of the practice of giving. Wishing love is the meditation immediately before the meditation on giving. I always see wishing love as like a spring that we coil tighter and tighter, putting more and more energy into it as we contemplate how we want others to be happy. Then, in the meditation on giving, we release this energy as we imagine actually giving happiness to others. It seems to me that the more energy we store in our wishing love, the stronger we make it, the more powerful our practice of giving will be. With this in mind, and with the wish to have very powerful giving, I refocused on the wish for all my kind mothers, who are all equal and equally deserving, and equally precious, to attain pure, everlasting happiness.


May all my kind mothers find pure happiness quickly, and attain the state of the Buddha for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to wish, from the depths of my heart, happiness upon every single person I meet today.