The purpose of this meditation is to generate a very stable level of concentration, and then to consider what this means in light of the practice of giving.

I began with some breathing meditation. The place I was meditating today had more background noise that I normally experience, so I focused with a little more effort than usual on my breathing. I found that, although I could still hear the distracting noises clearly, they did not disturb my mindfulness on the breath.

From here I decided that my object would be an extension of my practice of mixing my mind with my Guru’s mind, but with extra emphasis on keeping the object clearly in my attention. I focused on the feeling of my Guru being mixed with my mind, and feeling his stability and stillness as my own. I felt a wonderful light and spacious feeling and I kept my mind on it for as long as possible – when I lost it, I brought my mind back to the object and started again.

After a while I thought about what this means in light of the practice of giving. Ultimately, I want all my actions of body, speech and mind to be under the control of a mind filled with virtue. I need to be very familiar with virtuous minds, such as giving, and the way to achieve this is through the attainment of tranquil abiding. With this in mind, I returned to my meditation, where I tried to achieve as tranquil a concentration as possible.


May all those who work for the flourishing of Dharma meet with success, and my their efforts continue to bear fruit until samsara is ended.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to maintain a focus on everything I do outside the meditation break, and try to keep a virtuous thought at all times.