The purpose of this meditation is to investigate the union of the two truths, and then to consider what this means in light of the practice of giving.

I briefly thought about the unsatisfactoriness of samsara, and how there is only suffering in the endless cycle of uncontrolled rebirth. I looked to Buddha and asked him to help me attain freedom from this cycle, and the perfect enlightenment of the Buddhas before I die. I made the determination to meditate on emptiness to try to bring me closer to this goal, and then started.

I began with breathing meditation, and settled my mind ready for the main meditation. Once my mind was filled with stillness and mountain-like stability, I started thinking about emptiness.

I see objects like trees. They seem solid, single entities, waiting to be experienced. But when I look with wisdom, this tree is unfindable. As I looked I saw the parts of the tree, with a kind of knowledge that there is an appearance of an inherently existent tree there-but-not-there. I reminded myself that this emptiness of the tree was not separate from the tree, but the two were the same object. I also reminded myself that the conventional nature of the object and the emptiness of the object were not separate from my mind. I tried to draw the emptiness into my heart and mix it with my mind.

I felt like all objects existed in my mind and were the nature of emptiness, and the nature of my mind was emptiness. I felt that nothing existed separately from my mind, in emptiness. It felt very focused and rounded. I tried to fix this feeling for a while.

I then thought about what this means in terms of giving.

I thought that if all objects are empty, and part of my mind, the my mind is mixed with all objects. If I purify my mind, I will become a Buddha and my mind will be mixed with the minds of all other living beings. When their karma arises in the appropriate way, I will be able to bless their minds and give them peace.

I don’t know. This meditation was more of a fishing expedition than a shooting exercise. I need to think about all this a LOT more. But I was happy that I had investigated the union of the two truths.


May all living beings turn to the wisdom of Buddha, and quickly attain freedom from the sufferings of samsara.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to think of objects as being inseparable from their emptiness, and inherently empty of inherent existence.