The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong realisation that I will die, and that when it happens, the only thing that will matter will be what I have done with my mind in this lifetime. Following this, I will think about what this means in terms of Bodhichitta.

I started by setting my motivation. I thought about how each life in samsara ends in tragedy. Every life I have had since beginningless time has ended in death – some painful, so agonisingly long, all tragic and isolating. I want this process to end – I want freedom from this cycle. I determined that in this meditation, I would focus on death and reach a good conclusion to meditate on.

I then did come breathing meditation, gathering all my thoughts into my body and then into my heart, where they became still and settled, and mixed with my Spiritual Guide’s perfect concentration. After a short while of enjoying this feeling, I moved on.

I began by thinking about how I will definitely die. James Bond never dies. We think we are like this – the indomitable one! But everyone dies. Everyone. I thought about how my life is a smooth flow until my death, and that at my death, the only things what will matter are my karma and what structural changes I have made to my mind. It does not matter where I live, or what car I drive, or if my kitchen is new, or if my teeth are straight. I thought about how I need to create positive karma every moment, and how I need to destroy my self-grasping and related delusions.

I focused on this feeling of passing through death into a pure land with a perfect mind, having purified all my karma and destroyed all my delusions. This is my aim.

After a while of focusing on this thought, I moved on to think about what this means in terms of Bodhichitta.

It seemed to me that previously I was just thinking about my own experience as I died and moved into my next life. But with Bodhichitta, I will have a mind that is the source of peace and happiness for all living beings. At death, I will leave this body behind and become a Buddha, with a Buddha’s bodies and mind. This became infinitely more meaningful than before, and I brought this into my meditation on death, and from there, the need to use every moment to practice Dharma purely. I focused on this for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings see their death as part of their life, and work towards attaining a perfect mind for the time of death.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep in mind the fact that I will die, possibly today, and that I need to use every moment to practice Dharma purely.